Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lisa DiSciascio (starlightwoods)

Realy speacial wooden works .We want to meet with you Lisa DiSciascio :))

How my crazy world of wood jewelry all started....

Starlight Woods started in the summer / fall of 2011. That summer we had some of the craziest storms we have seen. Trees fallen everywhere, on power lines, on houses, on my neighbors shed, in the road, blocking us from leaving our street for a week... During that time, with no power, sharing a generator with our neighbor and households taking turns cooking food, we had a LOT of time on our hands....

So we went on a hike. I have always loved wood, I love to find old messy pieces of wood and sand them down to find their shine! Re-purposing and nature have always been big inspirations for me so on our walk of course seeing all these broken branches flooded my mind with ideas. I found a gorgeous piece of birch and dragged it back to my house. Got out the saw and cut. What i saw was a world of possibilities. It started out as wonderful projects for my daughters and I to do together. We thought of making key chains, ornaments, gift tags... We got out our paints and made a mess! A good mess of course. We painted, got silly and laughed for hours. 

As time went on, of course the ideas grew, how about RINGS? 

I actually got my ears pierced just this year so i can wear my earrings too. I have always been a minimalist in every way. I am not the girl who takes an hour to get ready, shower, pony tail- out the door! I always thought earrings made me look too fancy, lol. So I created earrings that are me, simple and minimal.

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