Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekend Mode

Jeannie+Richard (JeannieRichard)

Love Love Love..I think it is very difficult to work.Wonderful peyote works From Singapore ..We want to meet with you :))

Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Logistics, Shipping, Customer Relations, Marketing & Business Development
She loves tea, he loves coffee. She loves sea, he loves mountains. She keeps curtains open, he keeps them closed. She loves him, and he loves her. Together they combine.

Distinct handmade jewelry, distinctly you.

For many a moon, we've been yearning to return to work with our hands. Not that we already don't as owners and designers of our humble design advertising agency. It was a yearning to go back to something more real and to manifest something that would really touch a person's life on a daily basis.

And in one spontaneous moment in January 2011 - by divine inspiration, we were seduced by the idea of designing and creating handmade jewelry.

Jeannie having being born into the world of fashion due to parentage influences, was most excited and raring to go. While Richard, the anchor of the two was surprisingly open to the new journey of chainmaille since he had the knack of disassembling and reassembling rosaries as a little boy. And so, we learnt how to bead-stitch and chainmaille from books. Our Etsy shop opened officially in June 2011, and today, Richard is also an "automaton" for bead production for all wholesales.

Our design belief is like any other creative - to enhance and to stimulate. So what makes JeannieRichard different you say? We are distinctly modern, distinctly fast-forward and distinctly original, and THAT makes you distinctly YOU! Our jewelry imbues within every unique woman/man a sense of identity, enhanced aura, heightened confidence - the woman/man in you unravels to astound your crowd and have them "kneel" before you with compliments.

We are constantly inspired by the music we love, by architecture, and by the beatitude of God. For every design, we deliberate on its form, texture, safety, and how it will positively flatter the woman/man. And alongside our fundamental motto of ASAP (as simple as possible), our designs will last you a lifetime in style and in quality – beyond the boundaries of fashion trends.

Jeannie and Richard shop here :))

Helen (helendesign)

Very talented and victorian inspired spoon rings From South Africa :))
We want to meet with you Helen :)

Helen du Toit
Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Admin, Photography, Shipping, Etc
Hello,I am Helen and I am loving life, enjoying creating and love to see the beauty in everyday, forgotten treasures.I love people, Iove my family, love laughing, love nature, love mountains, love the full moon and love creating my unique jewelry.

Enjoy today.

Seeing the beauty in the original and respecting historic craftsmanship, I wish to highlight the value of original design.
My resources are history and the latent design beauty in all found objects.

I started creating from a very young age and grew up in a wonderful, "Swiss Family Robertson"kind of family.
We were always encouraged to be creative, inventive and adventurous and were continually shown the beauty which is so clearly around us and in us.
Before starting my jewelry, I studied Environmental Management and worked for many years in Non-Governmental agencies and other Social Development Programmes. 
But currently life has taken me on a different path and I am loving it!! Creating beauty from the mundane :)

I live in the beautiful seaside village of Hermanus and am surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration. I live with my beautiful man in a happy and busy home and work full time to create and sell my wearable pieces of history.

My uniquely upcycled silverware jewelry is created to highlight the beauty of the metal through simple, organic techniques. 

1901 Whole SPOON RING

I find my "raw" material in forgotten corners of antique shops and then excitedly research each piece of silverware's history and origin. Other found objects are collected and kept for their simple design beauty and later incorporated into the recycled silver jewelry.

One LOVE whole spoon Ring


Through my jewelry, I wish to create pieces which you will enjoy today.
I hope each piece will be a happiness to the wearer - pieces which will always be treasured for their original design and for their refound value and beauty.

Enjoy life.
Enjoy beauty.
Enjoy today.
Enjoy Zoe Designs.

Helen helendesign shop here :))

Emma (DoucesLaines)

Very pretty hand knit accessories From France... We want to meet with you :))

Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Photography, Shipping And So Much More...
I'm Emma, a French knit loving since I was a little girl ! I live in the French Jura Mountains in a very green environment ^^

Eco & Refined Handknits, For A Greener Life On Our Beautiful Planet

Living in a cold region can be very inspiring ! I began to handknit simply because I couldn't find any toasty accessories for the winter, in organic pure new wool !

Then, I made summer accessories : some organic cotton versatile jewelry and some organic cotton cowls...

And finally, some funny litlle handknits like my pixie's hat egg warmers or my chair socks !

And I love & wear everything I create ! I hope you will too !

See you soon in my DoucesLaines' shop !

PS : Thank you Etsy for the awesome feature in Etsy Fashion <3 :

Romantic Pink Flower Brooch Hair Clip

Wedding Mohair Shrug Bolero

Easter Eggs Pixie's Hats

PS 2 : We live in a very old house, you can even see a very old chair in my pictures ^^ ! And we are renovating our new home, I really can't wait to live in...

Emma DoucesLaines shop here :))

Sheryl (HandPaintedPetals)

Great handpainted wedding glasses and home decoration product..This felling rustic cottage!!
We want to meet with you Sherly :))

Owner, Chief Petal Painter And Designer, Momster Extraordinaire
I began painting after my brain got 'dented' in a car accident in January, 2010. At first, I wasn't able to read or write, and eventually taught myself to paint. My painting has helped me recover thus far. Ain't Life grand?!

Thorns Have Roses. . .

A brain injury received in a car accident in January, 2000, led to my learning to paint, and has been a blessing in many ways. After the accident, my "brain dents" left me unable to read or write. (I prefer the term "brain dents" instead of "brain injury" because it's much less frightening and off-putting). 

During my rehab, my wonderful husband began to bring me flower magazines so I could look at the “pretty pictures,” which inspired me to learn to garden. Sometimes, understanding the directions on the seed packets took longer than planting the seeds. I couldn’t always garden, but simply touching the earth had a very calming effect. At summer’s end, the flowers faded, and I decided to try painting flowers since the Colorado winter was approaching.

I began slowly and one night, I proudly posted a newly-painted rose on the refrigerator and asked my son what it looked like. When he replied, “It’s a red rose,” I was so excited — just like a kindergartner! Sometimes I still get discouraged from the brain dents but the creative process and tactile nature of painting has been an important part of my recovery thus far. 

In 2005, we discovered that the mile-high altitude in Boulder, Colorado was slowing down my recovery, so we moved to Texas and in May 2012, to San Diego.

Hand Painted Red Wine Fine CRYSTAL Goblets

At last, I am able to focus on my painting and feel proud yet humble to offer you my "Painted Petals." 

As the cartoon character Ziggy said,

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or
You can rejoice because 'thorns' have roses.”

Childrens Storage Hand Painted Hat Boxes

Hand Painted Champagne Flutes Set of 4

My journey has allowed me to connect with some wonderful people over the years. To me, painting is a deeply personal expression, and I take great care to do my very best on each piece I paint, from prep to shipping. I usually listen to music (Sarah MacLaughlan, Nora Jones, Etta James) and think about the person who will receive my newest painted piece, and envision them opening the package and watching their expression. I am wonderfully blessed and feel joy when I say, "Aint Life grand!" 

Sheryl HandPaintedPetals shop here:))


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lisa DiSciascio (starlightwoods)

Realy speacial wooden works .We want to meet with you Lisa DiSciascio :))

How my crazy world of wood jewelry all started....

Starlight Woods started in the summer / fall of 2011. That summer we had some of the craziest storms we have seen. Trees fallen everywhere, on power lines, on houses, on my neighbors shed, in the road, blocking us from leaving our street for a week... During that time, with no power, sharing a generator with our neighbor and households taking turns cooking food, we had a LOT of time on our hands....

So we went on a hike. I have always loved wood, I love to find old messy pieces of wood and sand them down to find their shine! Re-purposing and nature have always been big inspirations for me so on our walk of course seeing all these broken branches flooded my mind with ideas. I found a gorgeous piece of birch and dragged it back to my house. Got out the saw and cut. What i saw was a world of possibilities. It started out as wonderful projects for my daughters and I to do together. We thought of making key chains, ornaments, gift tags... We got out our paints and made a mess! A good mess of course. We painted, got silly and laughed for hours. 

As time went on, of course the ideas grew, how about RINGS? 

I actually got my ears pierced just this year so i can wear my earrings too. I have always been a minimalist in every way. I am not the girl who takes an hour to get ready, shower, pony tail- out the door! I always thought earrings made me look too fancy, lol. So I created earrings that are me, simple and minimal.

starlightwoods shop here :)))

Friday, 15 June 2012

Ashleigh A. Coyner (BleuOiseau)

Great light photos and effects..We want To meet with Ashleigh :))

Always on the lookout for birds and great light.

I am a natural light photographer; I like to use what light is available when photographing a scene or object. My goal is to capture the beauty that is already present in my subject whether that is a landscape, portraiture, or ordinary object. I aspire to have my photographs feel like paintings, to have them evoke emotions from the observer. 

Ashleigh A. Coyner
Owner, Natural Light Photographer
Bonjour! I am a wannabe ornithologist who dislikes the word seagull and can identify birds by song. I drink my coffee with too much creamer and will eat anything that contains raspberries. Natural light photography is my game.

I remember my college photography professor telling me that my photographs were too "forensic", lol. Well, I was in school for biology not photography. I am happy to say that my photography has "lightened" up a bit. 

ship photography

Oregon coast photo

As a former biologist, some of my favorite subjects to shoot are birds, trees, and rivers. I love landscape photography and am thankful for the area I now live in...surrounded by water, mountains and lots of trees! I am currently working on a project called Inkblot Trees of the Klickitat River Valley. It is an exciting project that I hope to share on Etsy soon.


BleuOiseau Shop Here :))

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Suzanne (DirtyLush)

Suzanne is the oldest member of our group and We want to meet !!

It all began...........

One day on train ride back from a shopping trip with my mum, mum had bought some scraps of yarn and crochet hooks from a charity shop. I decided to ask her to show me some stitches to pass the time........that was the momment I got HOOKED!

I quickly picked up the basics and began crocheting at EVERY opportunity, my early attemps were terrible(seriously!), lopsided and holey but I perservered untill I was finally happy I could sell my designs. 

I have been selling my designs for around 5 years now on various other sites but last year I decided to take a fresh approach to crochet and create Dirtylush. 
Dirtylush has quickly become my creative outlet, I love to make colourful, unique, quirky accessories that are fun to wear and also keep up with fashion trends. 

I have been lucky enough to design accessories for a project called 'Love41' which sells an array of beautiful handmade items from around the world with 100% of the profit going to support orphans,widows and street children in Africa. 
Another highlight was creating a huge order of bangles to be sold in a Paris boutique!
This year I have been very excited to be featured in issue 15 of 'Mollie makes' craft magazine, I have written a pattern and tutorial for my crochet bangles.

My dreams for the future involve being featured in a fashion magazine! Writing a crochet pattern book and being able to live off my creations full time ❤

Im so very grateful to all my customers, and also my very understanding family....... mountains of yarn and half finished crochet projects all over the house!

Hawiian flower headband hippy fashion 

Neon Fashion

Yellow Beaded Bracelet

neon pink beaded disk earrings

vintage floral playsuit