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Thursday, 25 April 2013

About LoveStar1

About LoveStar1

Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
A full time teacher assistant, concert-enthusiast, who is deeply in love with a man.

A shop that became due to a slight obsession with paper.

Growing up, a child of a single father with three kids, we had to be resourceful. We didn't have a lot of money and I appreciated what we did have. I began crafting with anything around the house. I would make things out of paper, beads, paint, clay, and just about anything else you can think of. 

As I got older, I continued to create for the family. Making scrapbooks and various home decorations led me to these banners. Shopping on Etsy, I became fascinated with the many crafters here. I knew I should have my own shop. Because the possibilities are endless, I thought I should share. 

I feel it's best to keep the price reasonable for everyone, but the styles are priceless. There is a banner for anyone. If you don't see something you love contact me.

I hope that these simple yet unique banners make any happy home even happier!

Yellow Bunting Banner

Circle Arrow Banner

Star Party Banner

Girlie Bunting Banner


Natural Hearts

Natural Hearts

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Thursday, 18 April 2013



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Because I love You - 8x10 Fine Art Photography

end of day

end of day

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evil eye string bracelet

About loovee

About loovee

Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
My name is Aysun and I was born in Agean Cost of Turkey..My mother's family has traditionally gained its income from creating beautiful Handwoven Towels.This is the usual experience for me growing up in educated family..

My families Tradational Peshtemal Story

My name is Aysun and I was born in Agean Cost of Turkey..My mother's family has traditionally gained its income from creating beautiful Handwoven Towels and cotton home decorations..This is the usual experience for me growing up in educated family..

l am an lnterior Designer and designed lots of houses more than 20 years ..
l am married an have 15 years old doughter,she is our model in our store.
l have been working with my family for 5 years in our family atelier.
There are 5 hand woven looms and 2 hand machine looms in our atelier..

Our market was only Turkey before Etsy but now we sell our products all around the world.
Thank you so much for supporting our business
God Bless you All

Eco Friendly Hand Woven Cotton PESHTEMAL


Face Towel Handwoven Peshkir

Face Towel Handwoven Peshkir


Thursday, 11 April 2013

About GlassPaperScizzors

Mickey Saverine
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
Hi! I'm Mickey Saverine. I create unique decoupage plates from antique naturalist botanical prints which i border with papers I design. Each plate is hand crafted by me in my Norwalk, CT studio. They make lovely wall hangings for custom home decor.

The art of Decoupage is Alive and Well!


My Etsy Shop, Glass Paper Scizzors (with z’s!) sells hand-crafted decoupage plates. I use the old-fashioned paper and glue method of application. I digitally enhance antique images and design the colorful border papers to complement them. I do all of the work myself in 
my home studio in Connecticut.
My Etsy decoupage plate shop is the result of many months of trial and error, testing and perfecting. It’s beginning was somewhat of an accident. 
I never actually planned to open a crafts business. My original intention was to create something beautiful for my own pleasure and to share with friends.

Etsy turned out to be the ideal place to reach a wider audience. I opened my shop in August, 2011.

I began four years ago when my very “crafty” friend Beth suggested a decoupage project for our annual Christmas get-together.

We both had been admiring and collecting decoupage plates since the early 90’s and figured “ How hard could this be? “ it’s just glass paper and glue! 

In a word, it was a disaster! Much trickier and time consuming than we’d ever imagined. But I was inspired to teach myself the process. For the next 9 months all I did was experiment with the decoupage process.

I didn’t want to make plates like those I had already seen; I wanted my plates to be original, have their own shape, images and border designs.

By the following Christmas I found myself with enough plates to participate in local holiday craft shows, Junior League, school and church events.

Most recently, My husband, who does custom framing, suggested putting my square plates in a variety of beautifully chunky designer moldings. This creates a multi-dimensional effect that adds to their uniqueness.

Woodland Owl Decoupage Wall Art

Starfish Natural Wall Decor Decoupage Plate

Antique Sailboat Wall Hanging Decoupage

Spring Artichoke Wall Decor Decoupage Plate