Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christina Conroy : stonesartisanjewelry

It began with a blank space...

...at least that's how people describe Saskatchewan when they drive through. Hailing from the most overlooked part of the Canadian Plains, I have surrounded myself with rocks my whole life. I touch them. I keep them in bowls. I hold them in my hands. I am thankful for them. This rocky place is my muse and each piece I make reminds me, in some way, of the lonely place where I feel at home.

Well, my mother is also my muse. 
She is the wild one in our family. And without her, I would never have started making jewelry. With her untamed silver hair and perfect skin, she can pull off the most dramatic pieces of stone jewelry anyone can make...and several pieces piled together. I am a minimalist by nature, so I have always lived out my jewelry fantasies through her, selecting quirky pieces on my travels...every once and a while picking up strands of stones for myself in case I ever decided to do something with them.
As I started graduate school, the heady, philosophical chaos of my mental world called out for some kind of tactile balance. And so my craft began. My perfectionist tendencies and love for beauty lend themselves to the detail of jewelry making. I love the picky work and the care of the stones. I favor simple designs that showcase the stones themselves... but every once and a while I'll make some wild pieces for my mother. 
And she wears them all. Usually at the same time.

Thanks for being a part of my story by rummaging through my shop. May these stones and the stories they tell bring you joy.

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